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And so it begins.

I’m propabely asking myself in this very moment why i wanted to start this blog but the bigger question i should be asking is why only know.You see when i was watching Julia and Julia the movie the one where she starts a blog because she’s never really finished anything in her life or nothing significantly consistent is currently happening to her, she decided to put a blog as sidestep to her real dream of publishing a book.Not that i want to do the same thing but anything is possible.But to get back to the point. What do i want this blog to be about?

Essentially, this is going to be my manifesto or my own personal scripture of everything and anything that matters to me.Sounds typical i know but i’m going to be tackling some stuff that are pretty heavy and some of you might even relate with. But i think it’s important that i first have to give a piece of myself in order for this to work. I’m a product of a divorced couple who grew up in the arms of a loving grandmother who know has terminally ill cancer.Not to mention i’ve moved around quite a bit being that my father was in the navy but now he’s retired and i’m living with him.So as you can see i have my¬†own demons to work through and what got me through it was funny enough tv shows.It sounds pathetic but tv got me through my toughest times it’s like my bible it’s where i go to seek sanctuary.It’s either i laughed with my “Friends” or agonzed about my emotions with “Grey’s Anatomy” or went home to a family like in “Everybody loves Raymond”.TV has been apart of who i am as well as every element that makes up pop culture usually gets me going.That’s all for now but i’m hoping this blog can go somewhere.I’m propabely a few years behind my time for starting a blog in this era but i guess that’s the thing, you get to a certain place under your time table.I guess Julie Powell had a point maybe it’s better to start something late rather than to never start at all.


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